Haitian Workers Prep for Mayday!

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Worker’s Struggle is sharing the following leaflet from our sisters and brothers in Batay Ouvriye (Worker’s Fight) in Haiti. The economic situation in Haiti is in turmoil, exacerbating the political and social crisis. Under imperialist domination and capitalist exploitation our fellow workers and laborers are facing a brutal situation. Like us, their lives are progressively deteriorating. Due to the nature of being dominated by imperialism, their living and working conditions are worse than ours. But like them, we face the same enemy. Our wages stagnate, our costs of living rise and our (hard fought for) bourgeois-democratic rights are being stripped away in the international crisis of capitalism and the growing fascist consolidation. Leading up to Mayday (International workers day), Batay Ouvriye is agitating among the workers and dominated masses. As they are constructing their autonomous worker’s movement we need to construct ours! BO understand that the only way we can build our world, is by a united, coordinated struggle across borders.. May we unite and grow our organizations, may our proletarian internationalism be built so that we can move forward and build our alternative to the capitalist barbarity!

You can read Batay Ouvriye’s Leaflet: HERE

Long live the working class struggle!

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