State of the Union: Capitalists United Against Us!


“One Nation Indivisible” - Allegedly

On February 5th, 2019 - Donald Trump gave his state of the union speech to the “most diverse congress ever. Full of fascistic demagoguery and outright lies, the billionaire politician’s speech shows how deep the capitalist crisis is – and how the capitalists are deeply divided among themselves yet unified in their interests against us. During his speech, Trump paraded several people as exhibits of what “good” he is doing, including bringing in veterans of the second inter-imperialist war (“World War II”) as tokens to consolidate the “National identity” of the class divided and crisis ridden United States. This was followed by the introduction of Buzz Aldrin to the cheers of Nancy Pelosi, alleged “progressive” Democrat Elizabeth Warren, and the remainder of the circus. There is no relationship between Trump and these people outside of him using them to build his “America first” identity.


Continuing on his nationalist tirade that would make Hitler proud, he claimed “there’s nothing anywhere in the world that can compete with America”, as if American mine workers dying of black lung have the same interests as the coal companies actively working to cut any extra costs at the expense of the miner’s lives. The fascist vomit spewing from his mouth continued on to call for the unity of the bourgeoisie for what he termed the “common good” - followed by standing applause from Nancy Pelosi.

The bourgeoisie has historically used its ideology to blur the class reality of capitalist social relations: the fundamental antagonism which exists between capital and labor. Trump claimed wages are growing fast and millions of people were “lifted of food stamps. Lifted? Or forced off? The absurd horror show, which included chants of “USA, USA, USA” to the growing fascism of the entire capitalist class – was less of a traditional state of the union and more so of a cartoonist spectacle. Only this super villain has the worlds best organized repressive apparatus and largest cache of nuclear weapons under his command.


Class is not Arbitrary, but a Fundamental Relation

Calling the migration of unarmed migrant workers fleeing gangs and violence in a condition of misery that capitalism and US imperialism created a “tremendous onslaught”, he went to on to claim there was a divide between the American working class and its “political class”. This is the same populist revision of reality as capitalist politician Bernie Sander’s “billionaire class”. There is no such thing as a political or billionaire class. ALL CAPITALISTS belong to the same capitalist class and they all profit off the exploitation of labor along with the misery and domination of the petite-bourgeoisie.

The political super-structure (congress, senate, executive – the whole capitalist state) exists to organize and reproduce the dictatorship of capital. Capitalist politicians represent different fractions of capital. The fraction of capital is determined by the form of capital accumulation. So for example, banking capital accumulates from banking and financial activity whereas industrial capital is accumulated from industry – production. The politicians are not a “political class” but rather political representatives of these competing capitalist fractions. The working class (labor) however, does have a direct antagonistic relation to capital (capitalists). This antagonistic class relation is the core of capitalism. The enemy of the working class in the US is not the Mexican working class which is currently waging a massive strike on the border, but rather the entire capitalist class which Trump is a part of and Sanders, Cortez, Warren, etc, all represent.

Right now, due to their crisis, these fractions are facing an internal struggle like never before. Trump’s call to govern “not as two parties, but as one nation” - is part of his appeal (like the objective of the speech) to unite all the warring fractions under his leadership. Time will tell how this will play out.

His attempt to blame the crimes of imperialism (low wages, overburdened schools, loss of jobs, etc) on the working class itself know no bounds. Every mention of the working class was an attempt to appeal to the American working class, to disorganize and divide it. The objective was to use the very real brutality inflicted on American workers by capital – to sow false divisions and nurture xenophobia and racism. With the fundamental relation removed, the Mexican workers can be used as scapegoats. These bourgeois talking points are tendencies directly against the class interests of workers and proletarian internationalism.


Our Divisions are not National

The whole concept of “illegal ALIEN” is a bourgeois tool to dehumanize workers, making them “foreign”, “strange”, “not like us”. In this idealist horror utopia, the trillionaire Jeff Bezos along with the workers and laborers exploited and dominated under his tyrannical yoke are all the same, having the same interests as “Americans”. As if the ghettos doesn’t exist, the projects, trailer parks and native American reservations are basking in the warmth of the glory of the “America” project.

Capitalism is in crisis and as these competing fractions struggle among themselves, for leadership we also face a devastating environmental crisis coupled with massive inequality. It is not migrant workers who put us in this situation but their enemy, which is the same enemy we have: International capital and the entire capitalist class!

In every country, workers produce ALL the value in the economy – most of which is stolen from them through the extraction of Surplus Value (value produced after the worker produces enough to reproduce herself/himself) during the productive process by the capitalists. This exploitation is inherent to the capitalist mode of production. Without the fundamental contradiction of capital vs. labor, there is no capitalism.

An organized proletariat strikes fear into the very heart of capital. It is time for the international working class to organize itself and wage struggle wherever it is located at - against the capitalists. Once organized, we can unify these struggles, leaving the bourgeoisie nowhere to run to find cheaper labor to exploit. The reality of the “American Dream” is that it is unattainable for the mass majority of workers. The dream is in fact a nightmare. Workers of the world have shared class interests and these interests are directly opposed to the capitalists of the world. We cannot escape the core of these relations. Our organization is the only way to put our class agenda on the map.

There is no capitalist fraction, and no “Green New Deal” that will offer anything progressive to the masses - not at this time of fascist consolidation. The masses make history and the working class has the potential power to change the world – but only if we organize! Let’s construct our movement, let’s not let race, gender or random country of birth divide us – the capitalists don’t let it divide them!

Let’s step up, organize and take the battle to the capitalists!

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