Immigrant Concentration Camps – Fascist Assault on Workers!

Immigrant Concentration Camps – Fascist Assault on Workers!
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 The world is becoming a scarier place. The recent news surrounding the brutal separation of immigrant families as part of Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” and the detention of children in concentration camps has us rightfully enraged. How can we listen to their cries without feeling a deep slash resonating through to our inner humanity? How can this even be allowed? The thing is, when thinking about how systematic campaigns of terror like these occur, the usual culprit is the social, economic, and political organization of society. We can’t understand such a horror without using the lens of class. These things happen because the current economic relations and reality call for it – in the interests of the capitalists (who have no morality. 

First and foremost, immigrants to come “illegally” are usually fleeing terrible situations in their home countries from either gang violence or political turmoil and massive poverty. Also, not only were the main gangs formed in the United States as a result of people fleeing US/ CIA funded wars in Latin America, but they are usually armed with guns manufactured in the US.

So, you have imperialist funded local capitalist wars that devastate workers and economies, an international drug trade where the United States is the major consumer, violent gangs armed with US weapons whose origins are from within the US due to these policies and circumstances, and an intensifying economic crisis of Capitalism/Imperialism which shifted structurally from production to a toxifying unstable “risky” finance

At the same time, you have a potential cheap and even possible forced labor pool for US production with all these separated children and the massive concentration camp apparatus being built to hold them. These private/state sanctioned concentration camps are run by prison corporations and “Non-profit” NGOs.

Capitalism in crisis takes the form of Fascism to attempt and resolve its crisis. Too much speculation toxified the economy? No problem – build walls and concentration camps! This is capitalist logic. We’ve seen a similar episode play out already in Nazi Germany and we were told NEVER AGIN!

This terrorism against migrant WORKERS has been an ongoing crime against humanity. The CAPITALISTS created the repressive "Homeland security" apparatus (which ICE falls under) through Bush and intensified through under Obama. Now through Trump, they're in the initial stages of going full FASCIST.  Imperialist domination brings these working people across thousands of miles facing unspeakable challenges to get to the “land of the free” where they are ripped from their children and thrown into freezing cages by border patrol. 
This doesn’t excuse the local capitalists in all these countries people are fleeing who profit off the intense social misery they create in hand with US Imperialism. The exploited and dominated populations of all countries must unify! These closing borders (which have been open for “free trade”) are a market scheme to keep labor cheap and affordable – LOW WAGES FOR US!. They are lines made up by the capitalist class (or old feudal classes Capitalists got rid of) in order to regulate people and accumulate trillions of our backs. Workers across the world do all the work, we don’t have to take this! All workers and laborers of all countries need to organize and rise up in a popular struggle against their common enemy!

 This is not a joke, this is not something that can be resolved through normal bourgeois-democratic mechanisms like voting. All the normal capitalist "democratic" structures are failing. Neither democrat or republican will stop this. They are in the pockets of the capitalists and more so are themselves becoming fascistic. The only force capable of offering an alternative to this Nazi nightmare is an autonomously organized working class. If you agree with us on constructing an autonomous worker’s movement, holla at us today!

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