Internationalist Sharing: Batay Ouvriye No. 9

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Workers Struggle is sharing the translated (from Kreyol) leaflet by Batay Ouvriye:

After a May Day march in Haiti, BO planned two other days of protest against the bourgeoisie, the imperialist and the Haitian State apparatus. These two days were May 20th and 21 first and estimated 20 thousands workers on the 20th and even more on the 21st. All were organized under the initiative of unions affiliated to BO. They were demanding an adjustment of the minimum wage along other demands.

Most yellow unions (unions that have become Capitalist structures - like the AFL-CIO,SEIU, TEAMSTERS, etc) attempted started attacking BO by spreading rumors. When that approach did not work they attempted to take ownership of those marches. The following leaflet was circulated to denounce these yellow unions on their failed attempt to  recuperate these struggles and offer their alternatives to sway workers from the combative and autonomous line of BO. They had planned 4 days of protest from June 10-14. On the 10, sporadic acts of extreme violence were directed toward the workers and the following days their attempts totally fizzle out.

BO was not part of the preparation but had planned to accompany the workers on the just cause demanding 1000.00 Gouds. Below is a leaflet and today a press release was released to not only denounce these acts of repression by an anti popular police force but to demarcate from these yellow unions who are head looking for bodies to plug in so they could be relevant....

Batay Oyvriye 9 Leaflet PDF available here

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