The Ghetto Dwellers Speak: Portavoz con Staylok- El Otro Chile (The Other Chile) with English subs

We share this video from an incredibly powerful politically conscious Chilean MC: Portavoz (which means “spokesman” in Spanish). This is our first sharing of music. We feel that a working class and progressive culture is needed in South Florida. It will be constructed through the efforts of the working class and laborers here. However, as an organization based on working class principles, we will continue to spread any music we feel is relatable to us. This helps show the efforts of artists and workers in the US and around the world that may be useful to constructing an autonomous working class movement. Some content will be more historical others contemporary. In this particular video, Portavoz demarcates from official Chilean “history” and the reality facing regular working people versus the capitalist presentation in their media (true to the elements of Hip-Hop and it’s tendency of being the voice of  everyday ordinary people). It draws a clear line between the Chilean masses and the classes dictating Chilean society. Chile historically has had strong, well organized worker’s organizations and this is reflected in their creative works. As an international class, we feel the workers should know their history here and abroad, and much of the specifics to Chile can easily be replaced by local details in South Florida and US in general. English subtitles are available on the “settings” button of this link….

Looking Back In Time: Workers in the US and Chile have a link not too well known among our workers. Chile was the scene of a brutal military coup backed by the US (with our tax money!). The direct CIA and economic intervention of US Imperialism which backed certain factions of Chilean capitalism, was responsible for the kidnappings, tortures and murders of tens of thousands of working people in Chile. Chile was where the current economic attacks on workers around the world with budget cuts, cutting wages and mass privatizations was first developed. Forced by Pinochet, the General who ran Chile for Chilean and International capitalists, the Chilean economy undertook massive attacks on the working class

Workers Struggle shares a glimpse of our sister and brother workers reality in Chile and recognizes the brutality of the bosses the world over for profit no matter what it does to our lives or our world. This should act as a calling to ourselves here to organize against those who exist off the labor of workers, and at our expense!

(Posted by Ricardito Ramos, 11/06/2016)