Fascism, Monopoly Wars and the Working Class


So we’re winding down another crazy ass year. Many of us are spending time with friends and fam. We’re trying to get all our shit together and we’re also thinking about those New Year’s resolutions we’ll probably do for a month or two at the beginning of 2019. As we do all that and somehow try to manage paying all our bills and rent, it’s a good idea to take a look at the economic, political and social reality around us. We know it’s hard, it’s crazy and we’re tired of this shit right? Let’s let the news do it why not?

Well, for one thing the news is run by the same millionaire capitalists that are cutting our wages, crippling the public transportation, raising the rents, taxes, etc. We need to understand that the multi-million dollar news corporations are part of an ideological super-structure that helps to reproduce capitalist relations and ideological domination. So, the news IS bias, and it’s not bias towards but against working people. The conglomerate news stations and media are the voices of business and capitalist interests,


What’s Happening

So, what’s going on? Truth be told: A WHOLE LOT! The capitalist crisis (the shift from how capital accumulates from production to banking and finance) following the development of imperialism and the integration of international capital is deepening and its intensification at the economic level is having serious repercussions politically. The reason for this is that capitalism isn’t just an economic system but an organizational form of human society and as such what happens at the base (the economy), manifests in different ways ideologically, politically and socially.

The current global political situation is one of growing national chauvinism, an incapacity to resolve internal capitalist class contradictions, and military hostility. The emergence and dominance of finance capital brings a highly toxified and unstable atmosphere in a world under attack.

Battle of the fractions Fascist Consolidation

The crisis has all the different fractions of capitalists turning to fascism. They are throwing jabs at each other and even though there is intense resistance to Trump, none of them offer us anything progressive, they can’t. The only thing they can offer us is their personal form of fascism and their branded private armies. Also, their “government shutdown” is just another tool in their competition.

For fascism to fully consolidate, it must destroy the current form of bourgeois democracy and restructure everything in society to further the brutal naked accumulation of capital. It has to switch over from economically toxic banking, finance and service being the main way capital is accumulated back towards production - as it also clamps down on hard won bourgeois democratic rights.

In order to do this it must loosen any and all restrictions placed on all forms of resource extraction and industry. In a highly integrated global economic order where all the forms of capital accumulation are fused, this is tricky and dangerous business. Trump has already called for the creation of a state-run fascist propaganda network to help reproduce its barbaric ideology and political perspective.


The bureaucratic bourgeoisie is historically the dominant fraction to hold the reigns of the state during Fascism. Who will be the dominant fraction this time shall be determined by the outcome of the inter-class struggle currently raging within the ranks of entire capitalist class. The other fractions are attempting to resolve their contradictions using the existing structures of bourgeois democracy that are collapsing all around. They are out of sync with history and are trying to hold on to outdated forms of rule. However they resolve their contradictions, we can be sure it will be on our backs! For we must remember, they do not fight their wars. It has historically been mostly the children of working people around the world used as cannon fodder and slaughtered by the millions for the expansion and restructuring of world markets.


No Alternative but Our Own!

As we have seen with the latest deaths of a few of their own, capitalist politicians will always stick to capitalist class interests. This is their role. Every alternative is a class alternative and the only alternative to the current crisis for our interests is the political organization of the working class leading its own popular struggle.

Bourgeois society is in a state of total decomposition due to the deepening crisis and the lack of our political organization. It is imperative that we pick up our historic task and wage the only fight worth our time: the struggle against our common class enemy. We must unite, build our autonomous organizations, and construct a worker’s alternative against the entirety of the capitalist world order. This societal arrangement where a small group of parasites live off the backs of billions of working people only benefits the exploiters. It’s time to take our future into our own hands, and work to defeat our enemy!

Long Live the Proletarian Struggle!

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