Words Have Meaning



In the current period of crisis and overall insanity around the world, we’re hearing all sorts of words. All sorts of narratives come at us daily from the TV, radio, schools, etc. All these narratives, words and concepts are varying tendencies from the same capitalist enemy trying to figure out its future path in the face of intensifying structural crisis. We should always question the world as it is according to capitalists. Our relation with capitalism is antagonistic. If we use their laws to obey, their concepts as tools for our analysis and to explain our reality, we are doomed to fail. This form of operating objectively makes us their defenders, not allowing ourselves to enter on the path towards emancipation. We can use the same words as them but our interpretation of reality, our use of words and our concepts have to be from our experience and our interests. Our words do not have the same meaning.

That Democracy Tho

For example, Democracy for the bourgeoisie is antagonistically opposed to the proletarian concept of Democracy. We have seen their democracy inside their factories. By their laws, the capitalist is legally able to privatize the fruit of our labor. By decree of the capitalist world order, the production of SURPLUS VALUE is totally privatized and owned by those who take no part in productive labor. Since the onset of industrial capital this was clear. Workers understood historically that democracy in the land of capitalism is not for them. Bourgeois Democracy objectively exists to dominate and exploit workers and laborers. By using their laws, their politics, their theories, etc – we accept the domination of the capitalist class, consciously or subconsciously.

Our Struggle, Our Words!

We weren’t at the meeting to make those laws and concepts, we should not accept them! We do not subscribe to capitalist legal wording as the authority of our theory for struggle. Our struggle must be waged by us in our collective interests. The capitalist class offers us no alternative. We cannot vote out fascism, and we must take on our historic task to organize and fight against our exploiters and dominators!  

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