Internationalist Sharing: Only Power Defeats Power!


The situation in Haiti is intensifying. The autonomous workers movement (Batay Ouvriye) is continuing its struggle against the capitalist and imperialist exploiters. Our sisters and brothers suffer daily under the brutal exploitation of the Haitian and international factory owning capitalists and the Haitian state. All the while, the capitalists and international imperialists use the news media such as “Le Nouvelliste” in Haiti and “The Miami Herald” in the US to not only spread distortions and lies but openly call for repression against the workers.

We are sharing latest leaflet that was circulated by BO calling for a Popular Democratic Uprising, like we need here - to slow the onslaught of the capitalists as we build our organizations and our forces. Imagine if we all stood together, we can move the world to our drum! Join us and let’s show the world proletarian internationalism by building our own organizations!

Concept to clarify:

Popular masses – This is used in the leaflet text to describe the working class along with all other classes in society who are not workers exploited through the production process but are dominated in other ways and whose interests are better off with the workers than capitalists such as students, small vendors, teachers, etc

Bourgeoisie –  This is a term of French origin identifying the capitalist class as a whole. All the factory owners, everyone who exploits the labor of the working class!

Popular Democratic Uprising - An uprising of all sectors in society under the exploitation and domination of the Capitalists (Bourgeoisie). This includes workers, laborers, the petite-bourgeoisie like students, doctors, lawyers, etc (the previously mentioned popular masses).

The objective is to slow the Capitalists when the popular forces are not organized to lead their own alternative. In Haiti it’s against the economic and social crisis of capitalism and imperialism. In the US we need to slow the onslaught of Fascism and the same crisis ridden capitalism that birthed it.

BO’s Flyer: Only Power Defeats Power

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