Batay Ouvriye

Internationalist Sharing: Batay Ouvriye No. 10

Internationalist Sharing: Batay Ouvriye No. 10

Below, we are sharing a leaflet from our sisters and brothers in Batay Ouvriye, the autonomous worker's movement in Haiiti. The Haitian state raised the fuel prices 30-50% (in accordance to a new agreement with the IMF for over $90 million in aid).

Textile Workers Mobilize in Haiti for Minimum Wage Adjustment — Press Conference

Greetings to all our media friends, print as well as television, that come to provide coverage for the conference that PLASIT, which is Textile Plants Union Platform, to launch the mobilization for the minimum wage adjustment for the year 2015-2016.

The Wage Struggle is Not Simply for a Higher Amount, but Against Exploitation

For the past 2/3 weeks at the CODEVI plant, there has been a wave of mobilization for wage adjustments.  Workers who sew T-shirt hemlines at the MD factory stood up to demand more money for the quota they were asked to do.