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Worn out and exhausted

By Brandon Argy, construction worker, Indiana
December 28, 2015

I believe that too often we, as a people, put our focus on the “needy” or we bitch, bicker and argue about the various relief/welfare programs. We too often jump in and join the ranks of populism. I believe our focus and our thought process needs to be on the working class.

Has anyone really sat down and looked at the daily routine of the people who our politicians have deemed middle class; those who have work on a full time basis are more often than not, strapped at the end of the week.

Let’s go through a week of what many consider a good decent job, a factory worker. They rise at 6am (if not earlier), have a cup of coffee and head to work on the factory floor. They return home around 4pm, worn out and exhausted by the monotonous motions of the standardization of a system of obedience and structure of the bosses. Go to bed around 9pm and do it all over again the next day. Monday through Friday. Once the weekend they might have a BBQ, catch a game and toss back a few beers. Then Monday rolls around and they do it all over again.

Quality of life has been lost because we have taught ourselves that this is what we are supposed to do. At the tail end of our lives hopefully we worked hard enough to have the last few years to rest….

This makes no sense to me. This makes no sense that the working class relies on the “Labor movement” of organized labor to hopefully fetch them a better wage. A better wage to pay for the increased rent, utilities, groceries and healthcare. Truth be told, Organized Labor (AFL-CIO) doesn’t work in the interest of the working class. Their own interest is much in-line with Organized Business.

The radicals that founded this country, the radicals that began the labor movement are out there… they are lying in the factories, in construction and in the fields. A generation or two has passed without any radical action the beginning has raised concern. An alternative must present itself.

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