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Time for Change- Workers Need to Fight!

We live in a world that’s getting increasingly unsustainable, facing challenges as a species that were brought on by very particular economic/social arrangements. We have not made any of the decisions which led to climate change, mass foreclosures of homes, cuts in medical care, etc. Capitalism is attacking us on all fronts, and it is time for us to come together. Workers built the world and we can make it better.

The Daily Grind – Grinding Us Down

Every day we wake up and go to work, putting time on a clock for someone else. We do this to get our constantly shrinking wages to pay rent and to survive. Well, things are getting harder and survival’s not enough. When we go to work we help the economy go on, the same economy which accumulates trillions of dollars on top as we get less and less of the crumbs at the bottom 1.

Capitalism is a constant tug of war. When workers take a loss, capitalists and their politicians get a win. When our healthcare gets cut, the money doesn’t disappear. When our wages shrink or fail to grow with the rising costs of living, someone is getting richer at the other end2. That someone, or someones rather, are the same class of people who cut your child’s medical coverage but just added another $37 Billion to the military budget for brutal wars that kill other poor people around the world3.

Their politicians lie to us. We’ve seen presidents do exactly the opposite of what they said when they ran, like Trump on Medicaid4, or Obama on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria5. The whole set up is rigged against us. It doesn’t matter what language we speak, what shade our skin is, or what sex we are.

Workers Interests Benefit the Masses

Imagine if we had no sick days, no “vacation” time to use at work. Imagine there was no public school, no retirement after giving the bosses 8+ hours a day for most of your life. Unfortunately if we don’t step up, all these rights won will be lost. Even now, the food is made with toxic chemicals and allowed on store shelves by supposed “regulatory”agencies6, whole ecosystems in rain forests are destroyed for planting soy crops7, and the list goes on.

Sometimes people have this idea that workers being treated like caged animals is a “3rd world thing”, dividing ourselves from other workers living on the other side of a line on a map. As if here in this country things are different. Well are they? They are slightly better for working people exactly because workers fought to make things better. It’s pretty amazing how much workers have done! Every demand they won ended up making life slightly better for everyone.

Capitalists take all the wealth and value workers produce and pay them barely enough to survive. All our rights and benefits today are a result of decades of organization and struggle, with workers fighting, sacrificing, and standing in solidarity with each other for the future. The history isn’t well known but if we don’t pick up our task to fight on, we’ll continue losing everything we have fought so hard for in the past. 8

Think about the computer or cell phone you’re reading this on, it has minerals that were mined by workers and produced in mass by them in factories that pump out all sorts of products. Traffic lights, planes, helicopters, cars, homes – all produced by workers with Capitalists taking the rewards. They preach this gospel of “hard work” when only an extreme few can do that, and most of them INHERITED their wealth off the sweat of the working class. Remember when Trump said his father gave home a “small loan of $100 Million” to start his business?9 Can your father give you such a loan?

Alone we’re weak, together, we’re strong! 

Sometimes this daily grind makes it hard for us to zoom out and look at things through a bigger perspective. We can be so drained in our routine that changing things seems impossible. But change is not impossible. Change is inevitable. It’s the tug of war, the players and forces at play that determine which way the pendulum of change swings. The only way to push history in our interests is to construct a combative, autonomous mass movement. We’re the majority and once armed with the knowledge of our class, we’ll become a powerful force! We, workers and laborers face the same capitalist enemy around the worldOur differences shouldn’t divide us, especially when all the work we do is the back bone of the economy.

Our Future in Our hands

History teaches us that when we work together, we can overcome the greatest obstacles. We can meet, discuss, build unity to work with each other as a class. We can talk to other workers, share our common experiences and figure out how to fight together. We can build committees of workers and laborers on the factory floor, in the warehouse, on the docks, in the hotels, at construction sites etc. We can lay the foundations to build and grow a movement of workers and laborers fighting for us, by us.

We must stand as a fist, building on our strength!


This is how mill workers once lived, photographer Herbert Dearden titled this image  ‘Suffolk St’10 in 1903. These tenements were occupied by Greek, Irish, and Jewish workers.

This is what the working class fought against!

If Capitalists had their ways we’d still be there, or worse. Let’s organize ourselves for a better future for us all!




There is no hope in a world eating itself, there is hope in us!

Contact Workers Struggle, let’s start building together!




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