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Statement of Solidarity to landless peasants organizing in Haiti

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

We at Workers Struggle recently got word of you organizing your first ever General Assembly. CONGRATULATIONS! We are in a situation in the world where we face the same exploitation and domination everyday, sometimes we are even robbed by the same companies!  Though our day to day conditions and situations are very different, our enemy is the same. Our interests are one with yours. Every victory for your organization(s) is a victory for all of us! If we can build organized solidarity across borders and across waters, we can construct an alternative to the beast running rampant on the world, exploiting workers, attacking peasants, farmers, students, and everyone in between. We extend our hands in solidarity and camaraderie to you and wish you victory in every situation you face! Your strength and determination is inspirational and we stand by your side!

Yours in Struggle,
Workers Struggle-Miami
Workers Struggle-Fort Lauderdale
Workers Struggle-Sudbury

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