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RRN Internationalism and Mayday

May 1st is fast approaching. This is a day the world celebrates International Worker’s Day, also known as May Day a holiday celebrated around the world. Its origins are in Chicago with the fight for the 8 hour work day. The Working Class struggles leading up to it were regularly ended violently as capitalists attacked workers and hanged labor leaders. Every step forward by working people has always been resisted fervently by the capitalists who exploit them.

Today, after the working class won the 8 hour day in spite of yellow business unions trying to suppress them, our “rights” are being attacked all over the world by capitalists going deeper into their crisis. It is our historic task to carry on our class mission – to organize against capital! The Haitian working class, and specifically Batay Ouvriye – are shining examples of this. They have been organizing for years. They have faced some of the most brutal repression as the capitalists organize and mobilize the police and local gangs whenever they want to silence them.

The Rapid Response Network and its international solidarity has helped to support BO as well as expose the crimes of the Haitian and imperialist capitalists against the working class. International solidarity is important to the support of worker’s struggles around the world. The working class especially plays a crucial role here. These are our sisters and our brothers on the front lines. We shall never forget that!

Working class internationalism is crucial to our success around the world. Capitalism is international, AND SO ARE WE! The basic bourgeois democratic rights BO and their affiliated organization are fighting for are in the interests of all Haitian masses, except the capitalists who profit off their labor. Just as American workers struggles benefited us all with child labor laws, 8 hour days and sick time, so too will these worker’s struggles benefit other people like teachers, doctors, etc.

This Mayday they are organizing marches and demonstrations around the country (Haiti) to carry on their struggles for higher wages and better working conditions. Please donate if possible and share the following far and wide! Also, don’t forget to read our 6 principles here

and get in touch! We workers and laborers in the US need to play our fundamental role in internationalism – to organize our own movement. Remember, where workers are strong, low wage jobs cannot come. Capital cannot hide if we’re organized!

A sincere thank you from WS to you and a thank you to everyone in BO and RRN for all the hard work they have been consistently putting in – they are a true inspiration for the entire international working class!

Below, please find the video from RRN as well as the link to their GoFundMe page


RRN GoFundMe

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