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Be Smart About It

A Brief Note to Workers Starting to Organize

By Lowlander
October 2015

(The author is a truck driver in the U.S. with union organizing experience)

Go to the website of NLRB (National Labor Relations Board: and read about what rights you have and what the company can and can’t do.

You need to keep a low profile until you can get a good sized group. These companies can be real scumbags!!!

It’s very unwise to use your own name or come out openly in the beginning. Martyrdom doesn’t work well in these situations. You need to keep your head down, do as much off company property as possible, and watch who you talk to. Send out feelers first. You won’t do any good if you get walked out of the gate. By feelers I mean drop a hint, see who can be trusted and who can’t.

And lastly, this shit can become like espionage. It takes time and patience learning who can be trusted.

It’s pretty important. If a company gets wind of something like that before you have a majority (or close) they could easily make an example out of you. They don’t play fair!

If they don’t see it coming, it’s that much better!!!!

That said, there is no reward without risk.