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We Need To Make a Change
June 1, 2015

• Why do such a small number of people—whether 500 or 2000—control more wealth than the world’s poorest 3 billion?

• Why are a tiny minority of wealthy people allowed to have so much control over domestic politics, foreign policy, and media, we lack real power and our standards of living shrink?

• Why are we subjected to levels of surveillance, government intrusion, abuse by police and of civil liberties, and loss of privacy that would have appalled earlier generations?

• Why do we have a lower percentage of unionized workers than any other advanced industrial “democracy”—and most unions that do exist are controlled by bureaucrats for corporate interests rather than by us, the workers, for our own interests?

• Why, in our society, are those who are driven by personal greed and narrow self-interest empowered over those who display cooperative values like kindness, generosity, compassion, sharing, empathy and community building?

• And why has it become so hard for the great majority of people to imagine a different, better future than the one defined by current policy and social values?

These are all questions that, we as working people, the ones most affected by the answers, should be asking.  We welcome and urge you to have this much-needed conversation, to organize and stand together in our common interest, so we can find the answers.  But more importantly, we need to act, to do something, to make a change.


For an Autonomous Movement of Workers

A Brief Note to Workers Starting to Organize