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International Working Women’s Day in Haiti!!!

Happy Women Worker’s Day! Today is a day which has been historically ripped from the memory of the working class-mostly. International Capitalist institutions (UN, etc) hijacked this day to blur class antagonisms, making it “International Women’s Day” instead of the rightful international WORKING Women’s day where women workers were MURDERED for Capitalist (male and female!) profits. In the economic, political and social climate of today where we see fascism rising the world over and attempting to consolidate in the US, struggles of the working class are more significant than ever.

Trump just signed steel tariffs (and other reactionary/draconian measures) into law – Supported by UNIONS! It is crucial that we take on our historic tasks as workers, honor the memory of our fallen sisters and brothers, and build an autonomous working class movement to fight for OUR interests. Below we have a video from our Haitian sisters and brothers on the front lines celebrating and more importantly ORGANIZING in the memory of yet another Labor Holiday with US Origins which in the US has mostly been erased by capitalists pushing identity politics to divide our class as we beg for crumbs under the table.

Speaking of crumbs, the slogan of these brave workers is “”Their dogs are better than us!”- signifying the grave disparity between the workers who produce the for the global economy and the bosses who parasitically steal all the value created, giving the workers barely anything back. Along with video we have linked a text put out by Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight) with some historical background on this WORKERS HOLIDAY. The worker organizers in the video (not paid cushy union staff) are part of the Batay Ouvriye mass movement. If you agree with us that this is desperately needed here, get in touch today!

Note: This video was mad
e and sent by cell, and edited by WS so please excuse the size/audio issues

Working Women’s Document-BO