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The Fight is Still On!

(A message to a Left Forum panel about working class organizing) By Chris I’ve been working full time in the blue collar sector for over 30 years. I have over 20 years in the transportation industry and another 6 on a factory floor, with a few other jobs during my first few years in the [...]

Worker Testifies: Overnight Stocker at Walmart

Andy Vidual works full-time graveyard at Walmart as a stocker, filling shelves in the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx section. He has worked at Walmart for the past three years and he makes $13.25/hour, which includes a $1/hour graveyard premium. The main areas of struggle in Andy’s workplace are: • A dick for a boss • Work pace [excerpted below] [...]

Interview with Postal Worker Phil Marsh

Phil Marsh is a militant postal worker with Canada Post with nineteen years seniority. Postal workers have a militant history and are currently unionized with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Phil has organized for years with the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty (S-CAP). He and a small group of militant postal workers are currently [...]

A Brief Note to Workers Starting to Organize

By Lowlander October 2015 (The author is a truck driver in the U.S. with union organizing experience) Go to the website of NLRB (National Labor Relations Board: and read about what rights you have and what the company can and can’t do. You need to keep a low profile until you can get a [...]

Worker Testifies: Food Production (USA)

by Paul Sumner [Name of worker and company are changed to protect his job]. Illustration by Paul Sumner “This is actually a classic don’t give a fuck about workers story. I work in front of three 6 ft grills that have had the regulators taken out so instead of only 500 degrees, they [...]

Interviews with Workers

Read full interviews at links below: Sue Vival: Storefront clerk of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Sue Vival has been a storefront clerk at Eat Local Sudbury (ELS) for over a year. Her hourly wage is $13 per hour. She has also struggled to find work in her field as a farm worker which is forcing her [...]

“Everything you see around you came here on a truck.”

Lowlander is a truck driver for Con-Way Freight. A conversation between him and an organizer for Workers Struggle was partly by talking and partly by text. It took place over several days. Excerpts: L: A major problem in the trucking industry is the pay structure. Personally, I would ONLY work by the hour but that’s [...]

Worker Testifies: Miner (Sudbury, ON)

The Interview Saul Idarity works for Vale as a miner. He is unionized with United Steelworkers (USW) Local 6500. With twenty-five years seniority, he’s done it all: drilled, blasted, mucked and bolted – but he has worked right at the face, on the jumbo, for more than twenty of those years working underground. The jumbo [...]

firestone strike

Robert Allen July 2015   every action, or inaction, is political in a degree. What we thought was happening was far from what was really happening, literally. A world apart, in fact.   “free will is for the lower classes – the ruling class acts out of necessity.” – Adam Kotsko, religious scholar Shimer College [...]

Worker Testifies: Waste Management, Sudbury ON (Canada)

The Interview: Al Ternative works at Waste Management, a garbage and recycling collection contractor, in residential collection. There are approximately 40 workers working for this company in Sudbury. The workers for the garbage collection and recycling collection departments of this company are represented by two different unions.  There are approximately 30 workers in Al’s bargaining [...]

Worker Testifies: Truck Driver, Sudbury ON (Canada)

the interview Otto Nommy is a truck driver for a large local transportation company, which he did not want to name. He’s been working for this company for two years. He hauls cement powder to a mine in Timmins, with a stop in Birch Island, and back, every working day. That trip is 600 miles [...]

Worker Testifies: Laundry Worker, Sudbury ON (Canada)

The interview: Milly Tancy has worked for over ten years in Sudbury Hospital Services as a laundry worker. In February of 2013, fifty percent of the workers in her department were laid off due to the loss of a major contract. Milly just barely kept her job. Down from 120, there are now approximately 60 [...]