International Working Women’s Day in Haiti!!!

Happy Women Worker's Day! Today is a day which has been historically ripped from the memory of the working class-mostly. International Capitalist institutions (UN, etc) hijacked this day to blur class antagonisms, making it “International Women’s Day” instead of the rightful international WORKING Women’s day where women workers were MURDERED for Capitalist (male and female!) [...]

Batay Ouvriye #8 – The Writing of our Pencil Can’t be Erased!

The following statement was put out by Batay Ouvriye (Worker's Fight), the Autonomous Haitian Worker's Movement. It has been translated and given to Worker's Struggle to share. We need to make clear this was a position put out by an intermediate level organization, similar to Worker's Struggle. The intermediate level has higher levels of political [...]

Democrats and Republicans: Nothing like the Good Ol’ One-Two Punch

Democrat and Republican Parties as Collaborationists Against the Working Class by Joseph Harmon and Izzi Creo The False-Dichotomy of the Democrat and Republican Parties for the Working Class   Joseph Harmon, who works in the energy industry and unionized with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, shared the following on Facebook and gave permission [...]

REFLECTION from Branson Jennings, a retail worker

Recently at my work (I work in retail) I came across an anti-union video that all new hires must watch. Oddly I never had to watch it; I later learned that the hiring manager at the time was somewhat sympathetic to unions and was married to a union member. Maybe she just forgot to show [...]

Worn out and exhausted

By Brandon Argy, construction worker, Indiana December 28, 2015 I believe that too often we, as a people, put our focus on the "needy" or we bitch, bicker and argue about the various relief/welfare programs. We too often jump in and join the ranks of populism. I believe our focus and our thought process needs [...]

We Need To Make a Change

• Why do such a small number of people—whether 500 or 2000—control more wealth than the world’s poorest 3 billion? • Why are a tiny minority of wealthy people allowed to have so much control over domestic politics, foreign policy, and media, we lack real power and our standards of living shrink? • Why are [...]