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Work All Day, Barely Survive: We’re Being Squeezed and There’s a Reason

We work most days, sometimes all profits up and wages fall feeling weak with painful feet times like this, we’re getting’ squeezed the bosses though, live comfortably   By Ricardito Rent’s outta control! To be honest everything is crazy expensive. Living in South Florida (or anywhere), is getting so hard you can work full-time and still [...]

Comic: Build It

Words & concept by Burnsy, South Florida truck driver. Illustration by Stephanie McMillan.

Vietnam Syndrome

This poem was written by Robert Allen, a railroad engineer in Iowa. He says, "How to encapsulate my enlistment experience? I joined the service four months after the war was lost, at the exact ground zero if you will of the Viet Nam syndrome; the title came to me after I'd written it." ** Momma [...]

The Disease

by Ricardito Ramos Concentration to monopoly, privatization and the property, cops maneuver sloppily, enforcing rules of robbery, pacify the mass, the workings of a brutal class. Water poisoned till it’s worse than what’s in the flask, but why? Don’t even ask, triggers squeezing in our direction, yet we stuck on shoes, the disease progresses from [...]