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Workers Leading Autonomous Struggle

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Workers have been on STRIKE in Haiti, halting production across Port-au-Prince  at dozens of factories, for two days and counting in the capital city. The city is home to multiple factory specific regions, known as Industrial Parks where tens of thousands of workers in the garment industry are employed and brutally exploited. [...]

Statement of Support for Farmworkers of Washington State and San Quintin, MX and the Boycott of Driscoll’s Berries

Read all solidarity statements for Sakuma farm workers here: Victory to farm workers! We stand in solidarity with farm workers in Washington State and San Quintin, Mexico who have organized an international boycott of retail products containing berries from Sakuma Bros. Farms, including all berries sold under the Driscolls brand and Haagen Dazs (Nestle) ice cream. These [...]

Statement of Solidarity to landless peasants organizing in Haiti

Greetings Sisters and Brothers, We at Workers Struggle recently got word of you organizing your first ever General Assembly. CONGRATULATIONS! We are in a situation in the world where we face the same exploitation and domination everyday, sometimes we are even robbed by the same companies!  Though our day to day conditions and situations are [...]

Response to solidarity: statement from garment workers in Haiti

We received this message (original Kreyol is below): We, the workers organized in PLASIT, (Platform of Garment Industry Unions) we salute all our comrades who took part in the solidarity response against all the illegal reprisals and abuse we have faced at the hands of the garment industry bosses in Haiti and all their associates [...]

Garment workers in Haiti: text of press conference June 10

TEXTILE FACTORY UNION PLATFORM PLASIT-BO [original Kreyol version is below] Greetings to our Media Friends, radio, newspaper and television covering the Press Conference that PLASIT-BO is giving today. The objective of this conference is to make known our position after the mobilization we launched since this past April 14 to pressure the government to set [...]

Call for Solidarity: Demand Reinstatement of Union Organizer in Haiti

We received the following call for international solidarity from Textile Factory Union Platform-Batay Ouvriye (PLASIT-BO). Please take action, and send solidarity statements to the workers (info below). Kreyol original is behind the cut. Textile workers mobilize for the minimum wage May 11, 2016 in Port-au-Prince. Following the day of mobilization on May 11, [...]

This Thursday 5/19: Textile Workers in Haiti Pledge to Mobilize Against Repression!!

[Kreyol original below] Management has begun a repression campaign following the day of mobilization on May 11, 2016 by the Textile Factory Union Platform-Batay Ouvriye (PLASIT-BO) to demand that the government set the minimum wage at 500 Gourdes ($7.94 for an eight-hour workday) and publish an Executive Order to make it official immediately.  The general [...]

Workers Shut Down SONAPI Industrial Park in Haiti, Demanding Wages A news report by Vant Bef Info, May 11, 2016. Translation by Google Translate, slightly edited [original French below]: 9:30 am Workers of subcontracting firms currently begin (9:30 am) a work stoppage followed by a sit-in outside the offices of the National Society of Industrial Parks (SONAPI) at the airport road, Vant Bef Info [...]

Statement from garment workers in Haiti on May First

[Kreyol original is below] TEXTILE PLANT UNION PLATFORM PLASIT-BO (Textile Plant Union Platform – Workers Fight) TO COMMEMORATE MAY FIRST 2016, WE SAY: WE WON’T OBEY! MayDay is not “Day of Agriculture and Labor.” It is a day to commemorate the struggles of workers on the planet. To celebrate agriculture and labor is to celebrate [...]

Textile Workers Mobilize in Haiti for Minimum Wage Adjustment — Press Conference

Press Conference on April 14, 2016 Greetings to all our media friends, print as well as television, that come to provide coverage for the conference that PLASIT, which is Textile Plants Union Platform, to launch the mobilization for the minimum wage adjustment for the year 2015-2016. In PLASIT, we notice that 8 months following [...]

The Wage Struggle is Not Simply for a Higher Amount, but Against Exploitation

Report from Garment Workers, CODEVI Free Trade Zone, Ouanaminthe, Haiti April 9, 2016 For the past 2/3 weeks at the CODEVI plant, there has been a wave of mobilization for wage adjustments.  Workers who sew T-shirt hemlines at the MD factory stood up to demand more money for the quota they were asked to do. [...]

Garment workers in Haiti protest firing of strikers

Ouvriye Codevi kap pwoteste kont revokasyon yon gwoup ouvriye ki te nan yon mouvman grevis pou mande ogmantasyon sale yo. Workers at CODEVI (Free Trade Zone in Wanament) protest the firing of a group of workers who were part of a strike movement demanding a wage increase. Feb. 7:

Report Back: Organizers Hit the Streets, a Distribution Center in south Florida

One morning of March 2016 a couple of organizers with Workers Struggle hit the streets of south Florida to reach workers who we heard are very unhappy, overworked and could use some help from the outside to jump-start an organized struggle.  Organizers targeted a very large supermarket distribution hub/warehouse with leaflets for the upcoming May [...]

Statements denouncing abuse of landless peasants in Corail, Haiti

The folowing was sent to us from Batay Ouvriye. On March 11, Batay Ouvriye took part in a press conference with JILAP to denounce the abuse against landless peasants in Corail, 5th Section Delice, Arcahaie at the hands of communal authorities in the area. Following are the statements made by three organizations at the press [...]

Landless peasants in Haiti denounce violence committed against them

March 11, 2016 Today, three representatives from the Landless Peasant Organization in Corail (OPTK) together with Justice and Peace organized a press conference to denounce the abuse and injustice imposed on them by the Administrative Council of Communal Section, 5th Section Delis, Arcahaie. Justice and Peace (JILAP) often works together with Batay Ouvriye in many [...]

From factory workers in Haiti on International Working Women’s Day

The following leaflet was distributed in front of the SONAPI industrial park (with textile and garment factories) for March 8: Click here to see a brief video. Comrades in the textile factories and other laborers:   March 8, 1910 – March 8, 2016 makes 106 years since Clara Zetkin, a German militant woman who had [...]

13 Demands of Workers and Laborers for Haiti’s Transitional Government

STATEMENT FROM MAY FIRST UNION FEDERATION/WORKERS FIGHT ENTE-SENDIKAL PREMYE ME/BATAY OUVRIYE       FEBRUARY 7, 2016 (Kreyol version is below) Today, February 7, 2016, we, workers, peasants, laborers in diverse economic categories in the country, raise our voices to warn that we will not continue to accept the conditions of life allotted to us. Since the big [...]

Organized Textile Workers in Haiti Call for Taking the Streets

INTERVENTION by PLASIT-BO (Platfòm Sendikal Izin Tekstil – Batay Ouvriye / Platform of Textile Plant Unions – Workers Fight)  – PRESS CONFERENCE, JANUARY 21, 2016 PLASIT takes notice that it’s been three years since the Supreme Wage Council was created and it has not respected Article 4.1 of the 2009 Wage Law. The Council always [...]

Garment Workers Protest Nov/Dec 2015 in Port-au-Prince!

UPDATE:  On morning of December 9, 2015 garment workers in Port-au-Prince continue their protest against nonpayment of wages by the manufacturer. The Labor Minister came out to speak to them. This is what an autonomous workers' movement looks like!   Report from Haiti on November 30, 2015: The Korean-owned garment factory gave paychecks [...]

Report from Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), Haiti

July 28 Events — Batay Ouvriye To mark the 100th Anniversary of the 1915 American occupation, at Batay Ouvriye, we either organized many activities or participated in some in various localities in Haiti. In Port-Au-Prince, because the workers were not off on July 28, we organized a meeting on Sunday July 26 in our hall [...]

March and Activities of the Sugar Cane Cutters Union in the Dominican Republic

Attached is a report with pictures of the activities of the Union of Sugar Cane Cutters in the Dominican Republic, the sit-in they have maintained in front of the national palace beginning on February 25 and also the march, which as predicted, occurred on Wednesday March 18 of this week. One must say that the [...]

The Wage Struggle of Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Statement from Faiezul Hakim, President of the Bangladesh Trade Union Federation May 30, 2014 In Bangladesh, the garment workers are now very much class conscious. Especially, this has increased after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Savar, a suburb near the capital Dhaka last year, on 24th April 2013. In addition, the people [...]