Time for Change- Workers Need to Fight!

We live in a world that’s getting increasingly unsustainable, facing challenges as a species that were brought on by very particular economic/social arrangements. We have not made any of the decisions which led to climate change, mass foreclosures of homes, cuts in medical care, etc. Capitalism is attacking us on all fronts, and it is [...]

Budget Cuts on Transit? – Another Attack on Working People!

Budget Cuts on Transit? - Another Attack on Working People! Here in Miami, workers and laborers are faced with some of the most brutal and harshest realities of survival in this country. We see shiny million dollar homes a few miles from the slums and decaying public housing. We see cookie cutter condo developments sprouting [...]

Work All Day, Barely Survive: We’re Being Squeezed and There’s a Reason

We work most days, sometimes all profits up and wages fall feeling weak with painful feet times like this, we’re getting’ squeezed the bosses though, live comfortably   By Ricardito Rent’s outta control! To be honest everything is crazy expensive. Living in South Florida (or anywhere), is getting so hard you can work full-time and still [...]

Miami Developing: Investors Paid, Workers Screwed

By Ricardito Like all major cities, Miami (a strategically located port city) is undergoing a major development transformation. Everywhere you go in Miami, you see construction cranes operated by a score of low wage brutally over worked workers. Many of these workers are recent migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. Many are Miami locals trying [...]