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Time for Change- Workers Need to Fight!

We live in a world that’s getting increasingly unsustainable, facing challenges as a species that were brought on by very particular economic/social arrangements. We have not made any of the decisions which led to climate change, mass foreclosures of homes, cuts in medical care, etc. Capitalism is attacking us on all fronts, and it is [...]

Workers Leading Autonomous Struggle

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Workers have been on STRIKE in Haiti, halting production across Port-au-Prince  at dozens of factories, for two days and counting in the capital city. The city is home to multiple factory specific regions, known as Industrial Parks where tens of thousands of workers in the garment industry are employed and brutally exploited. [...]

Statement of Support for Farmworkers of Washington State and San Quintin, MX and the Boycott of Driscoll’s Berries

Read all solidarity statements for Sakuma farm workers here: Victory to farm workers! We stand in solidarity with farm workers in Washington State and San Quintin, Mexico who have organized an international boycott of retail products containing berries from Sakuma Bros. Farms, including all berries sold under the Driscolls brand and Haagen Dazs (Nestle) ice cream. These [...]

Fired textile workers call for support!!

We received the following from the Rapid Response Network: Textile workers in Haiti ask that we pressure H&H sweatshop (where clothing for retailers like Walmart is produced) to rehire the workers who were fired, respect the right to organize, and to pay the wages workers demand. Working class solidarity knows no borders! Workers of the [...]

We’re In This Together!!

We in Workers Struggle and working people in the US and Canada support textile workers in Haiti, members of the Textile Factory Union Platform-Batay Ouvriye (PLASIT-BO), who are fighting for the minimum wage and the right to organize. We are watching how companies and political agencies and NGOs are putting obstacles in front of workers [...]

Call for Solidarity: Demand Reinstatement of Union Organizer in Haiti

We received the following call for international solidarity from Textile Factory Union Platform-Batay Ouvriye (PLASIT-BO). Please take action, and send solidarity statements to the workers (info below). Kreyol original is behind the cut. Textile workers mobilize for the minimum wage May 11, 2016 in Port-au-Prince. Following the day of mobilization on May 11, [...]

For May Day 2016, Workers and Laborers Say: WE WILL NOT OBEY!

[A statement from PLASIT-BO, Textile Plant Union Platform-Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), in Haiti. Kreyol original is below.] WE FIGHT FOR : A living wage to meet the needs of our children, our families and ourselves. We demand 500 gourdes ($7.94) a day at the very least without increasing the quotas, and other social benefits ; Good working [...]

Textile Workers Mobilize in Haiti for Minimum Wage Adjustment — Press Conference

Press Conference on April 14, 2016 Greetings to all our media friends, print as well as television, that come to provide coverage for the conference that PLASIT, which is Textile Plants Union Platform, to launch the mobilization for the minimum wage adjustment for the year 2015-2016. In PLASIT, we notice that 8 months following [...]

Upcoming Events

Join us on April 30 and May 1 to celebrate May Day! This inspiring film will be followed by discussion about how we can do in Fort Lauderdale what these restaurant workers did in New York -- organize and fight back together!

Support strike in Haiti today & tomorrow — by ESPM-BO

MAY 1ST UNION FEDERATION - BATAY OUVRIYE (ESPM-BO) Port-Au-Prince November 6, 2015 The government’s objective is to make matters worse every day for the workers and the popular masses in general while tending to the interests of big commerce, industrialists, financiers and all the other big thieves in the country. Today, the two (2) recent [...]