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Batay Ouvriye Statement on Haiti’s Crisis

Workers Struggle is sharing a text which was put out by our sisters and brothers in Batay Ouvriye (BO). It is regarding the ongoing struggle in Haiti between the workers and masses against the politicians and capitalists/imperialists. Haiti, like everywhere in the world, is experiencing severe attacks on the people by an ever more repressive capitalist state apparatus and the business interests which dominate. Being under imperialist domination (economic and military) as well as one of the centers of mass sweatshop labor in the imperialist chain of production+assembly, Haiti is under massive pressure where the economic burden is placed on the people (fundamentally the workers) via  attacks of the capitalists.

 The Lines are Drawn

The Haitian autonomous worker’s movement has put out this text in the face of a rapidly deteriorating social and political situation stemming from the deepening crisis of international capital. It is our duty here as well to accept our historic task and organize ourselves into autonomous (and combative) organizations we control. The politicians and NGOs work for the cold hand of the capitalist markets. We are witnessing it’s brutal “efficiency” all over the world as our lives deteriorate and our environment destroyed.

They had their Time, Now it’s Ours!

Time for our answer to the capitalist’s inability to lead society in our interests! Time for working people to fight internationally against our common enemy: Capitalism/Imperialism and Fascism!

The following statement has been translated from its original Kreyol and given to Worker’s Struggle to share:

Batay Ouvriye 10 – We’ve Had Enough!