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About Us


Workers Struggle stands for the autonomous/independent organization of workers and other laborers to fight for our class interests.

We are being exploited and dominated on the job with low wages, lax safety standards, and other intolerable conditions. The bosses demand that we work at their beck and call, with no control over our own lives. Everywhere in the world today, we see more and more business owners wallowing in luxury while profiting off our growing misery. We can’t live like this!

We must take our destiny into our own hands, together! We can’t rely on politicians, collaborationist union bureaucrats, or anyone else to wage our struggle for us. Politicians of all parties just represent the capitalists and help them profit off our sweat. And the official unions too often collaborate with the capitalists to pacify us and sell us out.

The capitalists are highly organized. If we are to stop them from dominating, oppressing and exploiting us, we must become more organized than they are! We need to overcome all our divisions: between races and nationalities, men and women, immigrant and native-born, union and non-union, across all ages, and among all trades. If we are to fight effectively for our interests, it is time for us to build a broad and diverse alliance of workers and laborers, run by all of us together! It is time for us to take up the historic role of our class and struggle for a better world.

As workers, we produce all the wealth of society, and as laborers our services are important for the survival and reproduction of this system—but we always get the short end of the stick. Without us nothing gets done—so the power is ours if we are willing to stand up and fight! We bear all of life’s burdens, but if we build the collective power of the working class, together with the popular masses, victory can be ours!

If you agree, join us! Let us come together in unity! Let us organize and struggle together for our rights, and to build a new world which we carry within us!

Individually we are weak. The exploiters are strong.
Together we are strong; the exploiters are weak!