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What’s Really Good with Amazon?…Nada!

Mad Scramble

Recently, cities around the country have been bidding/begging for Amazon to be the site of the company’s next headquarters. If you listen to the capitalists and their politicians and media, this will be a boom to the local economy. Some absurdities go as far as saying it’s “Akin to winning the lottery”. However, it’s these same people telling us how “the U.S. economy is looking healthy…..especially on the jobs front”. So, it’s like a rich person winning the lottery? Ah! Yes, that’s what it is, just another win for capitalists.

Let’s talk about it…Amazon & the Bigger Picture

Capitalism is a class divided society where wealth for some classes like the capitalists – depends on the exploitation and domination of the international working class and the petit bourgeoisie (commonly called “the middle class”). Capitalism requires ever-increasing profits, realized by lower production costs – development of technology, reducing the workforce, deregulation, and cutting wages.

Workers sell their labor power to capitalists who profit off the goods workers make, paying them less than the actual value of their labor. This exploitation of workers means the accumulation of wealth and private property for capitalists. It is at the point of production where all the wealth we see around us is produced. It is also at this point that the antagonistic interests of the two classes are formed. Capitalism requires this arrangement in order to function.

When we’re told that something is good for the economy, we always have to ask ourselves exactly who actually benefits. We’re are all forced into this economy. So, This is by no means to shame customers who buy from them, but rather to illustrate how connected we all are and how our class interests intersect across borders and ethnicities.

Amazon’s Interests

Amazon is one of many multi-billion dollar corporations based on this foundational relationship of exploitation. Multi-billionaire CEO, Jeff Bezos, buys up companies left and right. It should be noted that he makes more money in one minute than most people do in one year!


In the 3rd quarter of 2017, Amazon made over $45 Billion in revenue!. Meanwhile, its warehouse employee wages average out to $12 and change per hour.


With his land ownings and investments in social media, food, clothing, the media, +biotech holdings, Jeff Bezos and Amazon are part of a growing monopolistic empire off the labor of severely underpaid employees .Short breaks, long shift hours (11 – 12 hours) and constant pressure to increase productivity are some of the methods Amazon uses to dominate employees and squeeze maximum productivity from them.

The company faced a class action wage theft lawsuit for cheating Amazon Prime Now drivers out of wages and overtime, effectively making their earnings go below the minimum wage. Their truck drivers (as well as truck drivers and construction workers around the country), face a different form of domination than warehouse workers by being independent contractors.

Employees at Amazon warehouses also sued the company for forcing them to undergo long security screenings at work  without paying them for the time! Capitalists want you to trust them, they don’t trust you. The employees lost both lawsuits.

Note: Amazon also managed to earn itself a lawsuit from an ex manager.



In England the company tagged employees with “personal sat-nav (satellite navigation) computers that tell them the route they must travel to shelve consignments of goods, but also set target times for their warehouse journeys and then measure whether targets are met.

This is the great “lottery” all the hype is about? The brutality of Amazon against its employees is well documented, and yet  The City of Miami is working to bring this shithole company here .

Miami commissioners said, if Miami is selected, the only viable location is Overtown – the city’s historically black neighborhood that has faced one assault after another, starting with the construction of highway interstate 95, which cut right through the center of the neighborhood. Most recently, the One World Center, under construction highlights the marked class divide between high end retails, restaurants, condos, and poor working peoples.

As activist Edduard Prince told the Miami New Times “To bring Amazon will not benefit the people at all. The people will be moved aside.”When Amazon headquarters arrives and the land value rises, rents rise as well. Next thing you know, more of us are pushed out and ripped from our homes, because we can no longer afford to live in them.

Going Forward

In these times as we see an influx of low wage and part-time jobs popping up everywhere, we’re faced with decisions. Do we continue to allow the bosses to plunder and destroy our lives and world, or do we stand up to fight them together? Trump promised jobs and he is delivering – for the bosses! Meanwhile we face rising costs of living and cuts on social programs. On TV they parade their tax bill as good for “the worker”. In reality, the billionaires are actually about to get a nice fat tax adjustment paid by us, again!

The capitalists are steamrolling through us. If we don’t organize to fight for our collective future, they’ll continue their onslaught. Their operations and abuses are international, and our response should be to fight them not only here in South Florida, but anywhere we may be. We need to take inspiration from Amazon employees in Germany and Italy who organized and went on strike a few weeks ago.


Those employees are paid more than their US counterparts and still fight collectively for their interests. Amazon’s US workforce has grown over 5 times since 2011. , tThat’s a ton of underpaid working people with just one company! Imagine the power Amazon employees can have if they constructed their own organizations. Imagine the power all workers and laborers would have if we organized for our interests!

Whether Amazon builds its 2nd headquarters in Miami or not, we’ll continue to face deteriorating conditions. Due to capitalists’ expansion through imperialism and deregulation, we are facing disastrous economic, political, and environmental times. If we don’t step up to bat, the world will continue to spiral out of control.

As working people, we are the masses of humanity. We have great  potential to take our lives and the direction of the world into our hands. We can do wonderful and beautiful things when we come together. If working people make the world go round already, imagine what we can do if we were freed from the exploitation and domination of capitalism? We are the majority and if organized, the future is ours!

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